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Q: What should I do to shop for and get signed to a record deal contract with THAAT! Label?

Q: Do I need a lawyer to get THAAT! record deal?

Q: Who do I submit remixes or new songs for consideration to?


Q: How can I apply for THAAT! record label internship?

Q: Can I join the street promotion team in my local area?

Q: Where do I send my job employment resume?


Q: What retail stores can I buy Thoze Records at?

Q: An item I bought is malfunctioning, do you have a remedy?


Q: How do I book a Thoze Records artist for a live performance?

Q: How do I obtain a license to use THAAT! music in my film?


Q: I'm a DJ, how do I get Thoze promo records?


Q: I'm a member of the press, where do I become included on the media junket?


Read this section fully! Also read our T.O.S. and Privacy Policy.

:: Unreleased demos are accepted in either standard CD or cassette format only (no minidisk, DAT, CD-RW, vinyl, or reels).

! Unsolicited demos are not cool. Send us an email or fax requesting a submission authorization number (SAN). Include your full contact information in the request. A sample request might read like this (replace the green italicized words with your actual info):


My name is YOUR LEGAL NAME of YOUR COMPANY (if applicable) and I represent YOUR ARTIST (or your self) from YOUR ARTIST'S HOME TOWN (include state and country if not obvious). YOUR BAND's style is in the spirit of LIST 3 SIMILAR KNOWN ARTISTS.

Please extend the courtesy of a reply to this written request for THAAT! submission authorization number.

I certify THAAT! all involved parties are 18 years of age or older (or I can provide instant written consent from parents or guardians) and I have full legal authority to represent this business inquiry.

Thank you for your consideration,

Use either (but not both) or
FAX 1.503.905.7621 attention: A&R Department
After receiving the SAN, you will be given a special address and unique confirmation code. Include the SAN all submissions. DO NOT send multiple submissions for the same material. Each artist must be authorized and sent in a separate package.

!  Hand print your contact information...
* Name
* Permanent phone numbers (Moms is ok - include area code)
* Email (get Hotmail or similar if you don't have one)
* Permanent mailing address (Mom is ok, PO Box is not ok)

...on the mail packaging, the case, and most importantly on the media itself. Avoid all stickers.

! It is a good policy to register all of your new copyrights before public distribution. This is not required (as the law protects your rights from the instant you create them) but it is strongly advised. Registration helps in the unlikely event that you need to initiate an infringement lawsuit against someone. Visit the U.S. Copyright Office for more info here.

"Permanent" means stable and unlikely to change for years in the future (cell phones and pagers usually don't count as permanent - if you change or lose your number before we try to contact you, your opportunity will be wasted)!  Always write with a permanent ink waterproof marker (i.e. Sharpie).

2 :: Try to limit your first demo to three (3) of the best (your favorite) tracks, hopefully showing your diversity and vision. If interest is there, be prepared to follow-up with three more songs. It is good to have no less than 10-16 songs demoed in your repertoire.

! Demos do not need to sound as perfect as a finished release (THAAT!'s why they are called DEMOS). We are intelligent enough to hear a great song or performances thru some of the worse quality recordings. Nonetheless, a quality rendition is certainly better (don't waste time and money needlessly).

! Make sure your packaging can survive postal service brutality (padded or reinforced envelopes are smart). DO NOT waste your money sending by FedEx or other expensive couriers (we won't be impressed).

! Please don't send "snippets" or shortened "clips" - this is annoying. If we don't like it don't worry -- the fast forward button works on our really stereo well.

! A recent (not overly manipulated) photo would be very very helpful (hint!). Your picture does not need to be professionally done but it shouldn't be too dark or blurry to see you clearly. A Polaroid, disposable camera, digital print or similar is fine. Make sure your full info is on the back and THAAT! there is no confusion who is who in the photo.

! If you have a bio, press reviews, or video -- you may submit these items also if you feel they would help to understand you better. Don't be afraid to name drop (no lying please). If we already know someone who knows you, that can be a helpful resource to know you better.

3 :: Please, NO PHONE CALLS.

! Be patient. You will definitely get a reply after your material has been reviewed.

! Submitted materials will not be returned. Do not include a S.A.S.E.



! Employment and internship opportunities open and close frequently. Specific openings will be posted from time to time. Drug and credit screening may be requested and could effect you hiring. Fax your position(s) desired, citizenship, academic, personal, and employment background to:

THAAT! Label
attention: Human Resources

At all Concept Enterprises International companies, we take great pride in our diverse and talented workforce. We recognize THAAT! our continued success as a global, diversified entertainment company depends largely on the collective strengths of our employees. Developing the right mix of skills, ideas and individuals requires an unwavering commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA). Accordingly, we recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles and ensure THAAT! all other personnel actions are administered without regard to an employee's race, color, religion, nationality, ancestry, political belief, gender, age, sexual orientation, martial status, citizenship, veteran status, disability, or planet of origin.

Our commitment to the principles of EEO and AA is reflected in all of our policies and procedures - from recruitment and hiring to training, compensation, benefits, transfers, and promotions. This commitment is based on sound management and business practices THAAT! follow both the letter and spirit of our legal requirements.

In the spirit of fairness and EEO compliance, we will maintain a positive and productive work environment which calls for the highest standards of personal conduct. In keeping with these standards, any type of harassment or discrimination directed toward another employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, veteran status or disability will not be tolerated. Further, employees and applicants shall not be subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion or discrimination because they have engaged in, or may engage in, filing a complaint, assisting or participating in an investigation, compliance review, hearing, or other related activities; opposing any unlawful act or practice; or exercising any other right related to EEO or AA laws.




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